Crash Engineering Solutions Limited has unparalleled expertise and experience in structural crashworthiness design of Formula I circuit vehicles. This is measured by the our innovations in the Monocoque design for side impact, Nose Cone design for frontal impact, roll-bar design for rollover and wishbone modifications for prolonged life in service.  

So, Why Not Choose Us For Your Next Crashworthiness Design Project?

  • We have more than 35 years combined experience in numerical analysis and experimental testing for validation of FI structural components;
  • We have deep knowledge in Carbon Fibre composites' behaviour under service and imapct loadings. This includes carrying out forensic investigation of failures;
  • We do not just crunch numbers, but offer unique advice to clients in search for better crash mitigation design;
  • We work and offer bespoke services to FI racing team;
  • We are engineers who are flexible and can work with clients at their design centres or in-house;
  • We have the capacity to begin working on projects with clients from an idea to the final product.

Services We Provide Include:

  • Finite Element (FE) Model Development from the clients' own Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) or our drawings;
  • Finite Element Implicit and Explicit Analyses using a number of market leading packages such as ANYS, LS-DYNA 3D;
  • Material choice and characterisation under bending, compression, torsion and impact loadings;
  • Experimental testing of car structural components, sub-assemblies and full body crash testing for validation (if requested).

Full Formula I Car Body Modelling

Crash Engineering Solutions Limited delivers certainty to its clients when needed most. Our expertise is broad and deep, capable of providing the very best solutions. Our services are global and hence you are assured of receiving the same quality wherever you are.


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