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Crash Engineering Solutions Limited is a consulting engineering firm with roots from Research and Development of Advanced Materials and Structures subjected to Impact and Crash Loadings. We research, develop, analyse and experimentally test every advanced material we recommend to our clients for maximum product reliability. We specialise in Advanced Fibre Reinforced Composites manufactured for specific applications and in metals that maximise impact performance. Our approach in solving clients’ problems is unique in such a way that we do not just believe in providing timely answers that might offer short term solutions, but apply our academic, scientific and technical knowledge in impact and crash theories to complex practical problems for long lasting solutions. We do this because each problem has its own distinct solution based on the environment, materials and functionality.

Our Research & Development commitments are divided into:

  • Academic Collaborative Research that is long and thin type with duration between 3 and 5 years; and
  • Contract Industry Research that can last between a week and a year.

Research - Advanced Materials' Impact & Crash Performance

Our vast research experience in Advanced Fibre Reinforced Composite and metallic Materials; Structures; and Human Biomaterials helps our clients design products that are safe and competitive. We believe in Turnkey Technology Transfer that has all the tools for immediate application. Whatever the problem, we will work with you throughout the project and plan the delivery date depending on the complexity of the research study.


Development - Advanced Materials' Impact & Crash Performance


  • Carbon fibre laminates in polymer matrices
  • Glass fibre laminates in polymer matrices
  • Kevlar fibre laminates in polymer matrices
  • Composite Sandwich Panels with honeycomb, foam or solids
  • Combinations of these and other fibre laminates in polymer matrices
  • Biomaterials (natural fibres and resins) for structural applications 


  • Metal Foams (Aluminium, Titanium, etc.)
  • Polymer Foams (Polyurethane (PU), Polyethylene (PE), PVC, etc)
  • Closed Cell Foam Rubbers (EPDM, EPDM Blend, Neoprene, Natural Rubber, Silicone, etc)
  • Hybrid load bearing materials that combine metals and composites resulting in high performance characteristics for Aerospace industry 


Other materials:

  • High Performance Polymers
  • Ceramics
  • Natural Fabrics and Resins From Plants



Crash Engineering Solutions Limited design process is simple and follows the six steps that result  in better impact performance of products.

Our experience has been in designing:

  • Composite structures that can sustain all types of loadings including Impact and Crash.
  • For Mobile Structures that are crashworthy.
  • For Fixed Structures that are impact resistant. 


Crash Engineering Solutions Limited delivers certainty to its clients when needed most. Our expertise is broad and deep, capable of providing the very best solutions. Our services are global and hence you are assured of receiving the same quality wherever you are.


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