Road Traffic Incident Investigation 

Crash Engineering Solutions Limited has experts with 75 years combined experience in carrying out Road Traffic Incident Investigations (RTII). We provide RTII assessment reports to the Legal, Insurance Companies, Independent Assessors and the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

We provide answers to the most difficult RTIIs that have not been solved elsewhere due by their complexity. We are your Advanced RTII solver. Clients come to us for mainly second opinion since they are not convinced with the content of the report prepared by the original investigators.

In 98% of the cases, we provided Added Value and new insight into original investigations since we combine Advanced Collision Theories, Finite Element Analysis, Material and Structure Failure Mechanisms Theories, Impact Biomechanics for quantifying personal injuries.

Our Advanced Investigations Include:

  • Assessment of the initial RTII. Here we analyse the materials (report and evidence) received from either the Legal Team, Police, Insurance Company or OEM.
  • We re-visit the Incident Scene to collect data of the terrain if not satisfied with the details in initial report.
  • We re-interview witnesses, if any, to get a good understand first hand from those who saw the RTI. This is only done if the evidence does not match witness account.
  • Carry out Vehicle Examinations. This will give us all we need to know about the RTI.
  • We experimentally test structural components from an exemplar of similar vehicle including the age as input data to the reconstruction program.
  • We reconstruct the RTI using Finite Element Methods that will show exactly what happened.
  • We present the results and analyses through a report to our clients



Crash Engineering Solutions Limited offers Expert Witness Services in Road Traffic Incidents and Personal Injury Mechanisms. Our approach in providing expert opinion is unique in such a way that we do not just believe in providing views based on visual inspections, but apply our academic, scientific and technical knowledge in impact and crash theories to detail reliable judgement on exactly what happened in the specific RTI.

Our Advanced Expert Witness Services Include:

  • The procedure highlighted under Advanced Investigations
  • The preparation of testimony for Court appearance
  • Presentation of the findings that prop up the expert opinion in the court of Law

We have successfully completed over 650 expert reports in the UK, the EU, the  USA and the Australasia.
We also have successfully appeared in the UK, the EU and the USA courts of Law presenting our expert opinions to juries and magistrates. It is this international experience that make us unique.

Here are some of the typical Expert Witness cases we have over the years been involved in around the world:

  • Case Study 1 – Vulnerable Road User Crash: Pedestrian Injury Mechanisms (Download in Publications)
  • Case Study 2 – Rollover Crash: Upper Body Injuries (Download in Publications)
  • Case Study 3 – Single Vehicle Incident: Self Acceleration (Download in Publications)
  • Case Study 4 – Rear Impact: Extreme Whiplash Quadriplegic Injuries (Download in Publications)
  • Case Study 5 – Roof Crush: Impact Biomechanics (Download in Publications)
  • Case Study 6 – Jordan Rollover System Dynamic Crash Test Rig (Download in Publications)

If you are representing an individual who has been involved in Road Traffic Incident, or you are an OEM that needs data collection and analysis, or the Police that needs Expert opinion, or just an independent investigator, contact Crash Engineering Solutions Limited who will provide you with answers to the complex RTIs. We know we can help you understand what happened.